Big Data in crypto-currency mining
We are developing a framework for monitoring and analyzing crypto-currency mining. We will help to keep all the data in one place, instantly respond to critical events and take data-driven decisions
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Buron Data Framework
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how it works?
Collect data
We collect data from mining pools, hardware logs and 3-rd services data into one database
Process, store and analyze the data
Give away
Ready for use data can be obtained through our API
Buron Data Framework features
Big Data in mining and how you can use it
Data aggragation
We collect and transform all possible data to a single format. Hardware logs, minining pools data and 3rd services data in one database
Notifications about already happened or potential problems with the metrics you select will be sent to Telegram, SMS, email or web-hook
All data in one place
Dozens of parameters in one place: temperatures, hashrates (pool and hardware data), payouts, fallen devices or components (GPU or blades) and so on ...
Calculated data
Calculated data for each device - uptime, current and forecasted revenue, estimated electricity consumption and performance indicator
Any custom dashboard to analysis and monitoring crypto-mining
Profitability tests
Take a data-driven decision on selection a mining pool and harware configuration. We provide measurement tool to explore what pool are most profitable for you
Generates any reports you need
Cloud or not?
Cloud or in-house data storage
Issue tracker
Service for registration and tracking critical situations on your mining farm
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Ready to use solutions
Want to see ready to use industry solutions based on Buron Data Framework?
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Мы на связи
Who we are?
briefly, programmers-crypto-enthusiasts
Last years 8 we was software outsourcing company. In May 2017 project Buron was born. Project goal is to create high-quality software for crypto-mining and crypto-miners. We can and love to automate crypto-mining farms and hotels. The Buron Data Framework project itself appeared as the quintessence of our experience.
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what is the best way to contact you?
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for example: a hotel for 150 devices, we want to make a personal accounts with login for residents