Cryptocurrency mining software
monitoring of mining equipment and mining pool | managing GPU and ASIC miners | automatic currency switcher |
tracking of payments and accounting equipment
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What is BURON project?
We create software for cryptocurrency mining,
which helps increase income and reduce the "headache"
BURON will provide:
Choosing the most profitable currencies for mining
Our robot will choose the most profitable currency. Mined funds will be deposited directly to your wallets
about problems through
If something happens or even can happen, we will notify you in Telegram
Monitoring of work and remote control over equipment
You can manage your mining equipment directly from the browser
Tracking of assets and revenues for mining sites
You are hosting a mining site and need to pay % to your partners every month?
We will make all necessary calculations for you!
Tracking and notifying of payments and commisions
We track payments to appropriate wallets and calculate the commission of the miner and the pool
Aggregating and storing all statistics data from the miner and pool
We collect all data
from your miner and pool in one place
Recommendations for customization
miner and pool
Graphic interface for setting popular miners and pools
Effective and transparent miner

Open source miner with blackjack
Automation of monitoring

  • Data on GPU and ASIC miners in one place
  • Tracking of equipment indicators (temperature, hash rate)
  • Monitoring of the pool indicators (shares, hash rate)
  • Track payments on all wallets
  • Control of Miner and Pool Commissions
  • Comparison of calculated and actual income
Mining management

  • Automatic selection of the most profitable currencies to mine
  • Graphical interface of the miner settings and presets for various combinations of equipment and currencies
  • Ready presets settings for the most popular pools
  • Interaction with the Watch Dog and external room temperature sensors
  • Remote management of ASIC and GPU by the miners via single interface
Income optimization

  • Multi currency mining without intermediaries.
    If you change the currency of the mining, you receive the income deposited to your wallets in the mined currency
  • Solutions for mining sites on accounting equipment and revenues, including the distribution of income between partners
  • Recommendations for optimizing revenues based on collected statistics
Platform architecture
First version of White Paper prepared
Start of the monitoring service development
01 September 2017
01 September 2017
Seed start
Beta version launch
Release of beta testing
monitoring service
25 October
25 October
ICO start
Support for monitoring and managing ASIC miners. Extension of service functionality according to backlog development.
December 2017
January 2018
December 2017
January 2018
Release of Public Beta version of the monitoring service and the currency switcher. Alpha version of the mobile application. Telegram bot added. Tokens sales start.
February-March 2018
February-March 2018
Launch of a stable version of the monitoring service, currency switcher and miner dashboard. Defining ground principles for DAO development.


Connection of the 50000th worker.
Release of public beta version of the ASIC miner and optimization of service functionality.
BURC Tokens
BURC tokens will be used for internal purchases
inside BURC system and
its circulation will not be limited in future
To receive notifications about tokens sales and access to your account
Tokens sale
Total number of tokens issued: 1 000 000 000 BURC
Tokens will be distributed as follows: 70% - crowdsale participants (ICO);
16,5% - development team; 5% - BURON Corporation; 3,5% - SEED investors reserve;
3% - Bounty program; 2% - project advisors.
Tier 1: Tokens sale (seed)
(BURCS) Tokens for Seed round will be issued. On October, 5 BURCS tokens will be exchanged to BURC tokens at the exchange rate of 1:1. BURCS tokens will be burned.
35 000 000 BURCS

Will be issued
0,0025 ETH

Price of the first
20 000 000 BURCS
0,0037 ETH

Price of the following
15 000 000 BURC

Minimum transaction amount
Tier 2: Tokens sales (ICO)
Scheduled for October 11, 2017.
700 000 000 BURC

Are sold
from 0,005 to 0,01 ETH

Price of 1000 BURC
0,01 ETH

Price of 1000 BURC after ICO

Minimum transaction amount
Development team
BURON project development team has been working together for more than 10 years creating software for businesses. We have a successful extensive experience of developing software and consulting in the field of automation for the US and Europe markets.
The projects implemented by our team within the framework of various events were acknowledged by IBM Corporation (Startup Village 2015) and Microsoft Corporation (Startup School SKFO 2015). Our team is the winner of the hackathon organized by the PERI Innovation Fund (Summa Group). And we really love what we do.
Denis Shuleikin
CEO / Founder
The first commercial software for the address-telephone directory developed in 2005.
Since 2012, has been managing the outsourcing company developing applied web applications. The main customers are wholesale and network companies of the United States, as well as Russian public sector. First learned about the mining in 2014.
Vladimir Dziov
Back-end Developer-Shiva
5 years of continuous, extensive experience in developing back-end applications on Ruby on Rails. Track record - crypto-exchange, the internal information system for the state agency, integrated with official public services portal, and service for collecting and analyzing the product offers of ten e-commerce web sites.
Pavel Tigiev
Product Manager / Co-founder
6 years of experience in front-end development and management of it-projects.
Programs hardware and knows the mining from the inside.
Co-founder and manager of a major mine.
Diana Vladislavovna
Marketer-Office comic
Specialist on web-analysis, contextual and media advertising.
Writes press releases and works with the media.
Alik Demurov
Project Accelerator
Web developer and project manager. Experienced in development and implementation of software for micro finance organizations of the public sector.
Vasiliy Barashev
JavaScript and Smart Contracts Developer
Had developed games on JavaScript before it became a mainstream. Had presented his first open source project before the advent of github. Graduate of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.
Eleonora Muradyants
Community Manager
Has an extensive experience in the European software company for risk analysis and management. Liaises with community and English-speaking media and community.
Token Sales Policy
BURON project
Cryptocurrency mining software

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