Next generation software for cryptocurrency mining ⛏
professional software for mining, monitoring and management of your cryptocurrency mining hardware

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BURON project
We are creating next generation software for cryptocurrency mining. BURON allows to easily remote control and monitor your GPU or ASIC miners. It provides analytics on all possible indicators of the miner, pool and third services, high-performance ETH miner and solutions for mining hotels.
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Detailed information on BURC tokens technical part can be found in our White Paper and ICO section.
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Public sale of BURC tokens is the only source of project funding. Tokens are released on the Ethereum and are already used as an internal currency to pay for the BURON service. In the second quarter of 2018, it is planned to place BURC tokens on the exchange.

token name
price in ETH per 1000 tokens
first 1 000 000 BURC
1 000 001 - 3 000 000 BURC
3 000 001 - 6 000 000 BURC
6 000 001 - 11 000 000 BURC
Bonuses are also provided: 15% from 11M to 19M BURC, 10% from 19M to 32M BURC and 5% from 32M to 53M BURC
total sold tokens
350 440
smart contract address
you can send ETH to this address and get the BURC tokens with the current bonus. Instructions how to buy BURC tokens
Detailed information about BURC tokens you can find in our White Paper (ICO chapter).
Read our FAQ to get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

june - july 2017
Company founded, first white paper and development start
september 2017
Introduction of BURON prototype and SEED token sale start
october 2017
Raised 31 ETH as a result of the closed crowdsale
november 2017
Release and testing of Beta version
december 2017
Public beta release and BURC token sale
january-february 2018
ASIC miners support, increased functionalities for GPU miners. GPU miner-manager stable version release
february-march 2018
BURON box beta (device for managing popular ASICs)
march-april 2018
ETH miner release (beta)
april-may 2018
BURC token withdrawal to the exchange
may-june 2018
BURON OS release
More details about our plans you can find on our trello board
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Answers to the most frequently asked questions and documentation
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BURON project development team has been working together for more than 10 years in the field of software development for businesses. We have a successful 4 years experience of developing software and consulting in the field of automation for the US market.

The projects implemented by our team within the framework of various events were acknowledged by IBM Corporation (Startup Village 2015) and Microsoft Corporation (Startup School SKFO 2015). Our team is the winner of the hackathon organized by the PERI Innovation Fund (Summa Group). And we really love what we do.
Denis Shuleykin
The first commercial software for the address-telephone directory developed in 2005.
Since 2012, has been managing the outsourcing company developing applied web applications. The main customers are wholesale and network companies of the United States, as well as Russian public sector. First learned about the mining in 2014.
Vladimir Dziov
back-end developer
5 years of continuous, extensive experience in developing back-end applications on Ruby on Rails. Track record - crypto-exchange, the internal information system for the state agency, integrated with official public services portal, and service for collecting and analyzing the product offers of ten e-commerce web sites.
Pavel Tigiev
product director
6 years of experience in front-end development and management of it-projects.
Programs hardware and knows the mining from the inside.
Co-founder and manager of a major mine.
Diana Vladislavovna
Specialist on web-analysis, contextual and media advertising. Writes press releases and works with the media.
Alan Hanaev
front-end developer
Alan creates our entire front-end. He is an experienced developer on Angular, before BURON worked in a startup from the US.
Eleonora Muradyants
community manager
Has an extensive experience in the European software company for risk analysis and management. Liaises with community and English-speaking media and community.
Alik Demurov
project accelerator
Web developer and project manager. Experienced in development and implementation of software for micro finance organizations of the public sector.
Vasiliy Barashev
JavaScript and Smart Contracts developer
Had developed games on JavaScript before it became a mainstream. Had presented his first open source project before the advent of github. Graduate of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.